The DASD for Readiness, Training, & Mobilization is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the ASD/RA for all readiness, training, and mobilization matters.

RT&M Functions
  • Establish policies for the use of Reserve Components (RC) in support of Combatant Commander operational requirements while enhancing RC readiness
  • Establish policies and programs, and monitor resourcing to ensure RC unit readiness
  • Manage RC automated readiness analysis programs Develop policy to ensure optimum sustainable AC-RC force mix, including capability to meet domestic contingencies
  • Develop policies that enhance Reserve Component training programs to cost-effectively meet mission requirements, including use of emerging technologies and simulation
  • Develop policies and supporting legislation, plans, and programs to ensure responsive access to the Reserve Components
  • Establish and maintain liaison with Allied Ministry of Defense Officials dealing with reserve matters
  • Support the ASD/RA in international functions such as CIOR and National Reserve Forces Committee Monitor policies on the use of the Reserve Components to support non-DoD missions
RT&M Programs
Innovative Readiness Training

Innovative Readiness Training

Innovative Readiness Training provides real world training opportunities for our service members and units to prepare them for their wartime missions while supporting the needs of America's underserved communities.

Military Reserve Exchange Program


The primary purpose of the Department of Defense Military ReserveExchange Program is to provide National Guard and Reserve officers training associated with mobilization duties while enhancing their ability to work and communicate with the military individuals of the host nation.